Site to Site VPN for Lan party

  • Hey everyone I am sort of new to the pfsense community. First off I have not made the jump to using pfsense yet. I am still debating either monowall in a soekris box or pfsense in the same or maybe a mini-itx encloser. Any input from expereince would be grately appreciated. I have the soekris products before and love them.

    Anyway my question is this. (By the way this is mission critical stuff here) :D

    I want to build a site to site vpn from my house to my brothers house so that we can play private lan games to together as well as mayb a few friends as well.

    My thoughts on this are setting a pfsense box that will authenticate incoming vpn connections and put my machine hosting the game either in a dmz or at least port forward to it or what ever else it might take so that all of the computers are on the same subnet thus the game thinks there all on the same lan.

    Any thoughts?????


    Oh yeah I guess it a stupid question to ask which is better (pfsense or m0n0wall). Just from looking pfsense seems to have more features and tools.

    Again thanks everyone.

  • hi,
    I've triied and failed to create a singular broadcast domain with vpn for games. What I usually do now is most games have an option to connect to an IP so I just use that. So all you;ve gotta do is set up a site to site ipsec tunnel, connect to the (internal IP) and you should be in business  :)

  • I kind of figured that might be the way I have to go with it. The only thing I am worried about is some of the older games being able to find the host and the guests.

    In the mean time I have 2 linksys routers (These are temporay until I get my new equipment up and running). These are not VPN routers. Would it be possible to allow VPN pass thru on one router to a workstation that is the host of the game and receive traffic from the guest machine that started the VPN?

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    Broadcasting between the VPN users is possible with OpenVPN running in bridge mode (looking only at OpenVPN). OpenVPN implementation on pfSense seems to have some problems with that (as it looks to me when I'm reading through the articles) but one may proove me wrong here. I've tested OpenVPN in the lab in bridging mode and it did indeed worked fine with broadcasts. Never had the opportunity to test it with pfsense though.

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