Redundant WAN (1 ISP) - General Question

  • Howdy all,

    I have a question to mostly see if my logic is on track. I have my ISP (colo/datacenter) delivering me 2 ethernet drops for my internet connection for redundancy. In my head I would be plugging both of those connections into my CARP pair, 1 cable in primary and 1 cable in standby. Let's stage a scenario where drop 1 went down, would pfsense failover to the standby unit because of this loss of WAN connection and utilize the second drop from my isp and restore connectivity to the internet?

    Is there a better way? I am trying to achieve a 100% redundant network, firewalls, switches, everything. Thanks!

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    This depends mostly on how those cables connect logically on the other end. If they are on the same VLAN and IP space and your CARP heartbeats can be seen by both routers, then yes, a loss of WAN on the primary will cause the secondary to take over. (If they are not, CARP would not work at all for your WAN)

  • I believe so, what I do know is they have HSRP configured on their end, which from what I understand is just VRRP, but Cisco's rendition.
    Thanks for your help JimP, you are a good man.

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