Basic pfsense / OSPF configuration

  • Please forgive my ignorance. But.. Could some one post an example configuration for pfsense and ospf.  I would like to see what settings I need to change for just one NATing router connected directly to the internet and one router connected to that router using OSPF.  Obviously if I really had just 2 routers I would not use OSPF I am just trying to figure out what the basic config needs to be.  I am using ver 1.2.3.  Do I disable PF filtering on the "repeater"?  On the WAN side of the "repeater"  what would I set as the default gateway?  I tried to leave the default gateway blank but pfsense apparently doesn't allow that.  Would I need use 2 LAN interfaces and no WAN?  And what are the MOST BASIC options that need to be set in the OSPFd package  on the "gateway" and "repeater" in order to get the "repeater" to access the internet.

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