VLAN and Netgear FS726TP

  • Dear forum,

    Switch: Netgear FS726TP

    I try to build a vlan for guest and staff for separation with pfsense 2.

    Here is my network diagram so far:

    vlan 10 (ports 2-5)
    pfsense                                                /
    vlan 10\                                  +–------+
    vlan 20 |------802.1Q-Trunk ----| Switch  | ---vlan 20 (ports 6-10)
    vlan 30/    (vlan10,vlan20,vlan30) +--------+
    LAN    |                                               
    WAN  |                                                vlan 30 (ports 11-15)
                                                              \vlan 1[default] ports 1-26)
                                                              \vlan 2 (ports 1,26)

    As you can see in my attached screenshots, all vlan in pfsense are based on the LAN Adapter (em0) and have the same name at the switch.

    Problem: I am not sure, if the trunk is generally working with the switch. I cannot test, if anything regarding vlan is sent between pfsense and the switch at all. The physical link is up and i get a DHCP-IP adress, when i plug my laptop into port 1.
    But, when i plug into any other port, no DHCP-IP can be resolved. Even if i set to a static IP at the DHCP-Range of the relevant port (for example 10.0.0.x for port 2 vlan10) there is no ping to any IP at all.

    Perhaps any expert can help me with this? I dont know, if the vlan of pfsense and the switch can correspond to each other.


  • Hello,

    Have you solved your problem because I have the same switch ?

    Best regards.

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