Nokia IP330 From Live CD

  • Hi Guys,

    I've used pfSense before on other hardware but not on the Nokia IP330 I have managed to get my hands on.
    I've put the hard drive into a donor machine and I'm trying to install it. All the tutorials are telling me to select option '99' from the liveCD screen.
    There is no such option on the first boot screen. So i boot into pfSense (liveCD) instead (because I know there is an option '99' once running). However, when it comes time to specify network cards, my donor machine only has one NIC and I can't get past this screen to install to hard drive.
    Is there something i'm missing?
    Would the embeded version be a better option for the IP330?
    I heard there are problems with the console option being de-selected by default on the embeded version, would this stop me from using the emebeded version instead?

    Your advice and input is greatly appreciated!

    Many Thanks,


  • I think you need the second nic.  Doesn't matter what kind, because the system will recognize the HW change when it's back in the IP330 and make you run through the network config again anyway.  I would use the full install to HDD, and enable the serial port before I put it back in the IP330 so you can see the config screen.  Also, isn't there an "I" option when the machine first boots to launch the Installer?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Super Secret Trick: type "exit" at the network card assignment prompt and it will continue through to the menu

    Though pressing 'i' at the install/rescue countdown prompt early in the CD boot will work too

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