WAN Failover with Latency or Speed test?

  • Sorry if there is a answer out there already I looked in the forums and can't find one.

    Question. Can you make a failover with two wans but make it shut off Wan1 or 2 when the connection goes bad (Speed goes below a certain speed or latency)

    I have two connections one is adsl 10mb down 1mb up but this past month they been having problems where it will slow down to .10mb down and .20 up this is very unacceptable so I now have two connections but I like to use adsl when it is up because it is so much faster than the backup which is only 1mb down and 500kb or something up.


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    In pfSense 1.2.3 the apinger daemon does precisely that. Though these values can be tweaked a little if you know what to edit in the config (and have this patch)

    Do your quality graphs reflect that latency problem? If not, it's also possible that you are pinging your router/CPE and not the ISP side, so it doesn't fail.

  • I never checked and not having a problem right now but I'm sure it has to since latency is one of the problems. I am pinging the gateway of my isp is that good or bad(as in that is what it is set to in my failover)? should I maybe be binging something different? but at the same time I don't wont the connection to go down if I'm not having a problem.

    I am getting the patch now. How do I change the values?

  • I know this might be for a different post but I did change those setting and will see how it goes..

    My next question is let say my dsl goes down (that's my 10mb down and 1 up) now it's on my cable. How do I keep my Queues right? I have my queues set for the dsl because that is my main I have the bandwidth set at only 7.5 down and 650 kb up  leaving lots of room for VoIP  but if cable goes online then I only have 1 mb down and like 200 up or something not sure need to test again.

    recap- DSL  goes down now it's on cable    now the queues are not right  can you make queues just for the cable or opt1 wan port?

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