Multi WAN with 2 PPPoE

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    At the present, I have two fiber line which come from two ISP A and B were connected to 2 interfaces directly ( interface rl0 (WAN 1) and rl1 (WAN 2)) on pfsense  with PPoE connection type. The problem is if I used line A connect to interface rl0, I could select PPoE type on pfsense. And if I used line B connect to interface rl1, I could not select PPoE type on pfsense ( The check box was not display). What is the cause? Does it belong to the version (v 1.2)? How to solve this problem? If I turned into version 2.0 Beta or using VLAN, could it work? Thanks all
          ISP A                                                    ISP B
            |                                                        |
            |                                                        |                                                 
            |Interface rl0                                        | Interface rl1                                                   
            |                                                        |
    WAN 1 (PPOE)                                          WAN 2 (OPT1) (PPPoE)
              –--------------  PFSense  ---------------                                 
                                            |Interface re0

  • please help me

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That is a limitation of pfSense 1.2.3. In 2.0 you can have as many PPPoE interfaces as you like.

    You can either try the 2.0 beta, or put some other kind of small consumer router device in front of WAN2 that can just handle the PPPoE.

  • Thank Mr Jimp. I just ship ebook  pfSense: The Definitive Guide on amazon. I hope it help me in research about pfsense. If i have question, you help me pls.

  • or if u really want to have pfsense for the entire setup.. i did it by having 2 pfsense dealing with each of the pppoe connections.. and then another pfsense for dealing with the load balancing.. its tedious to manage the NAT rules in this kind of setup though :P

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