"Unable to communicate to pfSense.com"

  • Hi,

    Sorry if this post was not supposed to be here, I tried the search engine several times without any results.

    The problem is that I'm not be able to connect to the pfSense packages repository, the system output the message "Unable to communicate to pfSense.com" any time that I select the System->Packages submenu.

    The flow is as follows:  LAN(Private IPs)–>(IP: Box(IP:>WAN  [The pfSense Box have two interfaces]

    The WAN interface with IP have a configured NAT 1:1 to a Public IP address.
      Inside the system console I'm able to "ping google.com" but not "telnet www.pfsense.com 80".

    Any help would be sincerely appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

  • You must configure your pfsense, providing direct access to
    Internet and correct operation of DNS.

  • Hi dvserg! Thanks for the very very quick response!

    –>The dns configuration seems to be preety fine. Se the output of the dig query:

    ;pfsense.com. IN A

    pfsense.com. 894 IN A

    pfsense.com. 894 IN NS ns18.domaincontrol.com.
    pfsense.com. 894 IN NS ns17.domaincontrol.com.

    -->By "direct access to Internet" you mean a Public IP directly assigned to the WAN interface? A NAT 1:1 or a Outbound NAT doesn't work for this configuration?

    -->Please, you can tell me which interface origins the conection(WAN?) and the url and port of the package repository to test the connection?

    I've also tested a whois-ping tool from a server in Internet to check the reachability of the pfSense box and it's fine.

    I'm very happy with the the help that you guys provide here,   ;D

    Thanks again for the help.

  • I have no information about the structure of your network. And i see your wan is gray IP address (private network). In this case, between the WAN interface and the Internet are still some nodes.
    Very often, your problem occurs if the DNS is not configured or pfSense not have direct access to the Internet (but through a proxy or other).
    Ping is not an indicator of availability of Internet access - it's ICMP protocol. Try tratseroute or telnet to public services (not pfsense.org).

  • Clearly his issue has nothing to do with the package system - maybe a moderator could move this thread to a more appropriate forum?

  • Please, feel free to change the location of this post to the place it belongs.


  • On my system I see:

    $ telnet www.pfsense.com 80
    Connected to pfsense.com.
    Escape character is '^]'.

    telnet> c
    Connection closed.

    What do you see on yours?

    Also, what do you see from $ traceroute www.pfsense.com?

  • Hi I'm a noob with pfsense. I have installed my two isp with pfsense. I'm trying to install snort & squid from packages, but I'm experiencing the same problem as diosney.

  • I finally found the problem  ;D

    Certainly, the problem has nothing to do with the pfSense package repository.

    The problem was that I configured the Outbound NAT with a Public IP address that my ISP blocked erroneously in pass years.

    When I detected the error I configured an Outbound NAT with a proven Public IP address and the connection doesn't presented any problem.


    Thanks for the output command, it help me very very much(I didn't know that the package repository is in www.pfsense.com:80).

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