NanoBSD - should different slices have independednt configurations?

  • I have 2 independent pfsense firewalls with different configs, each running on its own Alix box.  I have a third Alix box which I want to serve as a non-hot spare for either one.

    I thought I could flash a new 2GB card on the spare, duplicate the nanoBSB slice from #1 to #2, then restore the config for firewall #1 on slice 1 and the config for firewall #2 on slice 2.  That way, I could grab the spare, select the slice at runtime, and pop it into either role as needed.

    I have tried all this, but, unfortunately it hasn't worked.  It seems that the 2 slices don't maintain independent configurations.  Both slices seem to use whichever config I last restored to either slice.

    Is this how it is supposed to work, or should I keep trying?



  • If I recall correctly the configuration file is kept in a separate slice.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The two OS slices are independent, but their intention is to be used as alternates for the same master configuration.

    The layout of the NanoBSD filesystem is thus:

    Slice 1: pfsense0 - First OS slice
    Slice 2: pfsense1 - Second OS slice
    Slice 3: cf - Configuration slice, also has some other persistent files (e.g. ssh keys, rrd graph backup, and so on)

    The config is always used directly off slice 3.

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