Throughput Fabiatech FX5622 with squid + squidguard + lightsquid

  • Hello everybody!

    I have a Fabiatech FX5622 with NanoBSD, running in a compact flash. I would like to install squid + squidGuard + lightsquid.
    For this I need to do the installation on a hard disk.  I wonder if anyone knows any limitation on the RAM needed, disk space required or compatible hard drive models accepted by this model Fabiatech.

    I have 1GB of RAM and I would like to buy one SATAII disk with 250 Gb, 7200 rpm, buffer 16Mb.

    Thanks a lot!

  • The manual is here (PDF) - second hit on Google ;)

    It says it takes up to 2 GB of RAM and makes no mention of hard disk limitations, so you're probably fine up to 1 TB.

  • Before I wrote the post, I read the manual sometimes, because to make it work properly the FX5622 with nanoBSD have to do a diferent number of changes. For example:,17786.0.html,21194.0.html
    etc, etc…

    One SATA II disk with 1TB in 2.5'' is a very new hardware!!! I think it's a lot of space!!

    I would like to know if somebody have this pfsense model with this configuration and if works fine.


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