PfSence + postgresql on the same computer

  • Hello,

    I am thinking to set up a small home server with pfSence on it to protect my home network. There won't be much traffic and it will only have to deal with a couple of machines. I also run a medium size PostgreSQL database on my desktop. Would that be an acceptable idea to move my PostgreSQL database to the same machine that will run pfSense provided that I give it adequate hardware?

  • You could do this, but pfSense is definitely an appliance distribution and doesn't provide any support for this kind of setup. Just getting it installed might be tricky.

    I would suggest that you either virtualize pfSense and a separate VM for a standard Linux/BSD server to run your Postgres server, or use the routing/firewall facilities of a standard Linux/BSD box instead of pfSense, e.g. a script like Shorewall is fairly nice to use for this.

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