Pfsense to SonicWall VPN with multiple networks

  • I have a Pfsense 1.2.3 box that has 2 networks behind it, and  When trying to setup a VPN to other boxes we had to create a different VPN rule for each network(Ie: rule1 10.5.0/24 <-> and rule2 <->  This has worked for many VPN's between other BSD boxes(openBSD) and we have had no issues.  Now when trying to setup one to a SonicWall, the SonicWall is saying that it can ONLY have one VPN per remote gateway(pfsense's wan IP).  Has anyone else encountered this.  Does anyone have any suggestions.  Thanks in advance.


    Edited: changed (Ie: rule1 <-> and rule2 <->

  • Yes, on pfSense you configure two tunnels, on Sonicwal you configure only one but with two subnets (policies).

  • How is this possible if no 2 tunnels can have the same PSK?

  • What do you mean? Many tunnels can have the same PSK.

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