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  • hi all, im new on PFsense. Im testing that using PFsense IPsec link with QNO IPsec (
    im trying using the same configuration as CISCO on QNO router. but tried many times & all the configuration change & change again many times oso cant success. Isit any else configuration that i need to do? Any tutorial showing that all? Thank for those helping me ;D
    Sorry for my poor english.

    Regard OBC88

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I haven't heard of that particular router, but I have yet to meet a router that won't hook up to pfSense with IPsec if all of the settings correctly match.

    Perhaps if you offer some configuration information from your QNO router (screenshots or config text if it has it) someone may be able to help more.


    But now the problem is broadcast setting. Is it PFsense IPsec not support BROADCAST?
    The case is I want to Play LAN games with my friend, But can't see any LAN game available after my friend create the game. I heard that the problem is broadcast issue make our both side can't see the games.
    My current QNO router ( is done on broadcasting setting, but on PFsense side i cant find any setting about broadcast. Search A lot of forum & google also can't found any information. Is it any else suggestion & ideas for me?

    Thanks for your comment & noticed^^


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    No, pfSense does not support doing broadcasting over the IPsec tunnel. We haven't yet found any software that could do the job.

  • TO JIMP,

    but if i using openVPN n IPsec VPN at the same time. is it possible working?
    ( mean i connect to side B & side C, side B is using IPsecVPN, side C using OpenVPN. & setting up both VPN at side A. )

    Is it working??

    Thanks for your useful comment.


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That would still require some sort of broadcasting proxy, which doesn't exist for pfSense.

  • To JIMP,

    BUt i read forum before this it show can link together & play LAN games as well, am i confuse about IPsec & OpenVPN?
    Or can i use this way to do so ( )

    thank for your attention

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That link is not about linking together two networks by VPN. That is about letting a specific game client access an Internet server properly.

  • Thank for reply again^^

    that mean i cant do anything else on IPsecVPN for gaming isit???
    Or if i copy some script inside PFsense? Or monowall can install to PFsense as well, is it possible?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You might try a post in the gaming board on here to see if anyone else can help with that problem specifically. As I said multiple times in this thread already, there is no such broadcast proxy available. I don't know that m0n0wall has one either.

  • To JIMP,

    Sorry for make trouble to you^^
    i'll try ask for help in GAMING zone there.

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