Packet capture has bug

  • packet capture in the web gui under diagnostics, when u try to select any other interface other than the WAN and try to fill in the host etc address and click start to start the capture, if any other interface is selected then it turns back to WAN making it impossible to trace packets from other interfaces.

  • Never seen that, I run captures on numerous systems on non-WAN interfaces all the time. That page hasn't changed in months either. Is it browser-specific, or only happens on one machine?

  • i tried it on one machine and using firefox, as soon as u click start, the page reloades or so and in the drop down, WAN is selected again, might be just that on submit, the proper interfaces in not selected

  • Doesn't do that on my Firefox (or Chrome or IE or Safari or Opera).

  • i just rechecked it and basically the capture runs fine but on clicking start, the wan interfaces is reselected where as the capture specific to the interfaces is run well, sort of cosmetic bug i would say

  • Its working fine here too, tested on firefox 3.6.3 and safari 4.0.5, perhaps you have a firefox addon thats messing with the page?


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