Prolific usb to serial adapter

  • I have a motherboard which does not have any serial ports soldered into it.  I use a prolific usb to serial adapter that works when booting into Freebsd 7.  I tried to use a cfcard containing pfsense nano 2GB to boot on the same hardware, but unfortunately my adjustments to the /etc/ttys file did not yield any output from the device.  Is there some way to direct the console to this device?  I have also accidentally overwritten the original ttys file and would greatly appreciate someone posting an unedited copy of theirs  :'(.  Thanks so much!

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    I'm not sure the kernel supports output to serial usb in that way, but I might be wrong. I haven't heard of that working though.

    The file attached is, I believe, the ttys file from nanobsd. If it isn't I'll have to track down a copy from a running system, I just grabbed this one out of the git repo since it was handy.


  • You are probably right about the kernel not supporting it.  I was just hoping to get a tty session on the USB Serial converter…. I know Freebsd likes to use com1 for console... would there be a way to divert console to com2 instead?  BTW thank you for the ttys file it was exactly what i needed.

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    You can output the console menu on multiple ttys, but due to how USB works you might need to send a HUP to init (kill -HUP 1) to reload ttys after the boot process is complete since I bet the usb serial device does not exist when the file is first loaded. You might be able to use a <shellcmd>/bin/kill -HUP 1</shellcmd> at the end of the config before to make it happen. Also make sure you are referencing the correct device name for the usb serial port. The serial port device names have changed fairly often over the years.

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