Error after OpenVPN Enhancements package install

  • Hello to everyone!

    An error appears on console after installing openvpn enhancements.
    This error appears on console screen only. Openvpn Enhancements are working normally.
    I have tried multiple hosts, both virtualized and physical, straight installation and installing OpenVPN Enhancements. The error appears on all machines, AFTER the packages have been successfully installed:

    Syncing packages: Open-VM-Tools OpenVPN-Enhancements
    Beginning package installation for …
    5% 10% 25% 100%
    Warning: delete_package (/usr/local/pkg/ failed to open stream:
    No such file or directory in /etc/inc/ on line 755

    Fatal Error: delete_package(): Failed opening required '/usr/local/pkg/' (include_path='.:/etc/inc:/usr/local/www: /usr/local/captiveportal:/usr/local/pkg') in /etc/inc/ on line 755

    Do you know why this happens?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Does that happen repeatedly or just once?

    It may be trying to uninstall the pkg before installing it again.

  • It happens every time the machine boots.
    It doesn't affect operation, the package is working as expected.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Are you on NanoBSD (embedded), by chance?

    Looks like the install moves all of its files somewhere and does a symlink, but doesn't set rw before doing it, so that would probably fail on NanoBSD.

  • Hi to all, in my case… is a nanobsd installation.

    Andrea Menchetti.

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