A question from a newbie

  • Hi!

    First, thanks for all the developers and maintainers of this great product that has become pfSense.

    I have the following structure in the network:

      Private Network 1  <-  | pfSense Box  |  -> Private Network 2

    and I want to configure the traffic shaper to limit the upload and download flow between LAN and WAN and I now wonder a silly question: (please, don't blame me for this!): Is the traffic shaper limiting packets in the LAN interface that are directed towards the pfSense itself (admin interface, etc) or any of the other interfaces?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  • Any help on this?

    The question resumes to this:

    How I can setup my queues and rules to avoid any shaping for all the other traffic that doesn't come from LAN to WAN and viceversa? I mean, I want that the traffic that come in from LAN interface and goes out to the Private Network 2 Interface and Private Network 2->LAN remain unshaped. How I this this is acomplished?

    This is very critical in my network topology.

    I asked this because when I configured the traffic shaper all traffic that come in from LAN experimented performance issues, even the traffic that goes to other interface than WAN.

    Any help will be appreciated.

  • Hi people!

    After three weeks of intense research and to bother some great guys in the forums( ;D) I realized that the way to accomplish that I want it is easy(i am lair :D) to do with a pfSense 2.0 box, and almost impossible to do with pfSense 1.2.3.

    Finally I'm be able to configure the traffic shaper(ufffff) and I want to share my experiences with both newbies and old-mans in this matters.

    When I have a five(and I will have), I will post data of my network topology, the requeriments for my network and a guide how I accomplished the requeriments.

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