Would pfsense allow a serial connection from firewall to manage a cisco router?

  • Hi guys,

    I was just wondering if there was anything in a stock pfsense embedded installation that would allow me to connect via serial port to my router?

    I have 3 serial devices (APC UPS, Cisco 837 router & embedded pfSense) and only 2 serial ports available on my server. If I could connect COM2 on the pfsense box to the Cisco and serial term in that way then I can reach everything independently from the network.

    Thank you


  • I would expect that using the standard serial port support in pfSense and installing the FreeBSD version of a program like cu and with a suitable null modem cable you should be able to do what you describe.

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    You probably just need to copy /usr/bin/tip from a suitable FreeBSD host of the same vintage, and then from the shell you could run:

    # tip com1

    Which would connect you to the serial port. To disconnect, press enter, then type ~.

    cu might work but I'm partial to tip.

    If you have a blue "Cisco" serial cable like they include with the router you do not need a null modem adapter.

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