Check Point firewall vs. pfSense

  • I was wondering if anyone on here has dealt with Check Point as a firewall solution and need a little help with how to compare it with pfSense.  I am not familiar with Check Point to know where to start.  Any good tips or ideas on how to help them feel comfortable with moving over?  One thing that seems nice with Check Point is having separate software, like Citrix, that allows a secure connection to out network through VPN client.  But of course I'm comfortable with pfSense, so that would be my choice over anything else.  It's just convincing people that it will benefit them.

    Thanks in advance!

  • If you're talking Checkpoint, you must be in a pretty good sized organization.  Check out this thread and you'll see there are some serious installs out there.  If you search the forum for Checkpoint you should come across several posts where other people have replaced Checkpoint with pfsense.,7668.0.html

  • We've roughly 70 employees; I guess that's big.  Thanks for the link mhab12.  I will check it out.

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