Imspector icq-aim issue

  • I searched the forum and have not found anything on the issue I am having with a resolution. Imspector works great, it logs yahoo, msm just fine, but icq-aim doesn't get logged, all I get is this in my system log:

    imspector: ICQ-AIM: Error: Unable to parse snac packet, icq.20248.33

    actually a whole lot of them, and unfortunately for me this is what everyone on the network is using for IM's. I have pfsense 1.2.3 and imspector 0.8-9 installed. I read in one post to downgrade imspector but with no specific instructions. Is this the answer or would upgrading Imspector to 0.9 be a better option? If so what is the best method to upgrade Imspector since 0.9 is not offered in the packages option on pfsense? Or is there some other fix I am currently unaware of?

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated

    Thanks in advance!

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