Lightsquid fails on snapshot upgrade

  • Hi,

    Im testing lightsquid as its working status is unknown according to the following link

    Initially it works fine in conjunction with squid, however if you deciede to upgrade to a recent snapshop it ends up (at times) borking your system, worst case senario is that pfsense wont hand out any IP through its DHCP, even setting static IP on a client fails to give access to the webgui, in which case you have to manually remove all references to lightsquid in /usr/local/etc*, /usr/local/etc/rc.d*, /usr/local/pkg* and reboot.

    Steps I took to test are as follows and my findings

    Installed squid only and reboot pfsense > works fine upon start up
    Installed squid and lightsquid and reboot > works fine upon start up
    Installed squid only and upgrade to latest snapshot > works fine upon start up
    Installed squid, lightsquid and upgrade to latest snapshot > works fine upon start up however loading up the webgui results in the usual reinstallation of all packages but then just sits there as shown below.

    So it seems to me that when you upgrade to a recent snapshot, the reinstallation process for lightsquid craps out,if you try to reinstall any packages, they also hang, if you try to reboot you may find youre  unable to get an IP, sometimes not, depends on your luck!


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    If you look at the very top or very bottom of the screen, do you see any PHP errors? Perhaps partially hidden behind something?

    Usually if it sticks like that it has stopped for some reason with an error that might be useful, or perhaps there may be something useful in the system log after this happens.

  • Unfortunetly no errors show at all on the webgui, the only errors that appear are on the console after Ive rebooted the system, but those fly too fast to be able to read.

    Is there a php error log anywhere or a status.php equivilant for the console that I can look at to help fix this?



    EDIT: I found the following on the bottom left hand corner after trying a newer snapshot, it appears when loading the webgui after snapshot upgrade on https://pfsense/pkg_mgr_install.php?mode=reinstallall

    XML error: not object found!

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    Not really, though a diff of the config between working and broken states would help.

    Go to Diagnostics > Backup/Restore, and on the history tab, do a diff between a working version and a broken version

  • Ok there wasnt any differences between before and after for the config.

    I managed to catch the start up error by hitting pause on my keyboard, the errors as I guessed related to the start up scripts for squid not being able to find squid and/or its config files.

    What is interesting is, if I reboot a 2nd time after doing a snapshot upgrade, pfsense fixes itself by removing and reinstalling both packages (squid+lightsquid) as seen on the boot up screen and then everything automagically works again!

    Ill test again tomorrow the config diffs to be 100% sure.



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