How would I route a block of static IP addresses?

  • I searched the forums but I couldn't find anything immediately.  If I missed a helpful related topic, please link it :).

    Anyways, here's what I'm trying to do:

    • My ISP provided me with a modem that has been assigned a static IP address.
      -> The static IP is linked to the pfSense box's WAN interface MAC address, and thus the pfSense box is in DHCP.  That's how the ISP asked me to have it run.
      -> The 14-address block is completely different than my modem's static IP address.

    My block is x.x.x.64-x.x.x.78.  The service rep I talked to stated that .65 should be my first usable host address (so I'm not sure if .64 is even usable or whatnot).

    • I have to successfully set up the routing on my end before the block is officially routed to my modem since they stated something about router loops (I think).
      BUT, I don't know how to route static IP addresses to internal ones.

    • I have a server for each of my static IP addresses on a internal network (some reside on 172.22.1.x, some on 172.22.2.x, x.x.3.x, etc…), but I have no idea how to route the .64-.78 addresses to individual servers.  1:1 NAT, maybe?  I don't know, I've never done it before.

    If anyone can help me route my static IP addresses to internal addresses, I'd be extremely grateful :).

  • hi
    you first need to add your ip block as Virtual IPSs.
    then, as you suggest, you could use 1:1 NAT to route the virtal IPs which will now appear in the nat rule.
    don't forget to add some firewall rules to allow traffic over your new routes.


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