Troubleshooting connecitons slowdown

  • Hello All,

    Hardware -
    HP Desktop
    P4 2Ghz Processor
    512MB Ram
    3 x nics (2 x intel 1 x onboard).

    I have a squid box setup:
    Squid Guard and Squid proxy installed.

    Internet connection is 9Mb ish down and 800k up (actual figures)

    When first installed everything is ok, I have a Draytek router feedng pfSense over pass through.

    After a period of time which can be an hour, a few hours, a day everything starts to slow down.

    Internet access speed tests report under 1mb down and 10K/sec up….
    Take pfSense down and back up.. runs normally again.. for a period of time.

    During the "slow time" if I restart router it makes no change to pfSense performance.
    But during the "slow time" if I take pfSense out fo the equation and use router as normal I am getting the expected speeds.

    Memory usuage peaks at around 20%.... can someone point me in the right direction about troubleshooting this within pfSense.

    Currently I am testing so I have to client machines pushing data through the pfSense box...

    Many thanks


  • Please search the package forum.  There are literally hundreds of posts explaining how to fix this.

  • hi. because you are using Squid Guard and Squid proxy with your main pfsense box. its better you use another pfsense box with Squid Guard and Squid proxy.

    in my exprience Squid Guard and Squid proxy in most case they slow down the system. at first they run like charm. but when ever they start to full flow(heavy load) they start to slow down the system.

    Me i am using 6 pfsense in six different internet cafe. All those cafe has 20+ work station. when i started to use Squid Guard and Squid proxy.

    They let me to face lots of problem. so i uninstalled those package and then all those problem gone.

    I think you are facing similar problem.

    BUT NEVER EVER DOUBT ON PFSENSE. It's Awesome…........

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