Dual wan with same ip?

  • I have a problem here, i have read the multiwan documentation and if i understand it is only possible to get i working if the ip on the wan side is on 2 different subnets? because i have 2 PPPoE routers wich i can not access and change ip. right now the setup is the same only that wan2 is not connected. to bad to be paying for something if its just laying there.

    So is there some way to fix this problem of mine?

    Like this:

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That is correct, you must have a different subnet on each WAN.

    Most people solve that by using a modem directly on WAN and letting pfSense connect to the ISP w/PPPoE, DHCP, etc, and then for WAN2 they let their modem/router connect and do NAT, and pfSense gets a private IP there.

    Your diagram came across too small to read so I can't tell any more than that.

  • it was fine earlier, see here http://bildr.no/view/638017

    i have no posible way to access the modem/routers in any way, is there some solution to make use of them both when they still have the same ip?

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    No, you cannot use them both directly if they have the same IP address.

    Your ISP can't change that at all? It's really crazy that they are forcing you to use their device for NAT. That also means you could never accept any incoming traffic unless they added port forwards on your behalf.

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