Squidguard will not install / uninstall

  • Running a clean install of 2.0 BETA built on Fri Apr 30 03:25:11 EDT 2010

    Installed squid 2.7.8 and enable with Transparent and a simple domain blacklist. Works perfectly.
    Installed Squidguard 1.3-2. The install failed. Tried to uninstall and reinstall but gui reports the following for either option:

    Removing squidGuard components...
    Loading package instructions... Auxiliary files... done.
               Deinstall commands...

    The gui hangs on this screen and doesn't get any further.
    The package is still in the "Installed Packages" tab but the menu option is not there.

    Any suggestions?


  • The squidGuard for 2.0 not ready. Now/near time i work with him.

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