Using pfsense between ISP and my network (Diagram attchd) NAT?

  • Hi Guys,

    I have a small colo setup with a few servers and I am looking to place a firewall in front of my network and I am considering pfsense, the network with pfsense would look like (see attached network diagram).

    a few points:

    • I have a full /24 with static routes to the next neighbor router, pfsense will have to be setup to do just that too.
    • pfsense must allow traffic from WAN into LAN (lan port goes to switch where I break down the /24 into VLANS)
    • I am also looking into MIGRATING IP addresses (moving to another facility) can pfsense NAT and transparently mask ip traffic (traffic to to WWW server to be "forwarded" and "masqueraded" to possible?

    Any tips, possible way to do it better? Basically I want to have pfsense in between so I can filter some ports and aid in case of a DOS/DDOS. Thanks

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