• Hi, Currently I am running pfsense 1.2.3 on an HDD and I made a post whether or not pfsense can install to a USB flash disk but if not I was reading that some compact flash to IDE and compact flash card need to be DMA?

    I was wondering can anyone to give me an exact link on a website for these 2 items if a USB flash boot doesn't work. I also don't want to purchase the wrong item.

    thank you!

  • You dont necessarily need DMA support on a CF.
    However most newer cards do support DMA.

    It depends on your mainboard and on the stick if you can boot from and USB-flashdrive or not.
    If you need more information if your stick and mainboard work: –>

  • Hi. Thank you for quick reply…. Well my motherboard doesn't support USB boot... but my question is that does pfSense work from USB boot? I am willing to get a new processor since right now I'm running on pentium4 and HDD which consume seems to consume soo much power.

    there is a bundle for amd+mobo for 65 and I can use everything from my old computer since CF card and IDE cable goes about ~30.00.

    Just need confirmation before i dump the 65 dollars!

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