CP missing drop down box for from to IP bypass

  • Hi,

    I am having trouble hosting images/css on an internal web server for CP clients with latest snapshots.

    I have basic webpages up on the server, with contact page etc that clients used to be able to browse to w/out authenticating, now if I try to browse to them, I am redirected to CP login screen.

    I noticed that the "Allowed IP addresses" tab in the CP menu is missing the to/from drop down box that previously existed.

    by the way, the server is sitting on a different interface than the CP interface.

    Thanks in advance.



    Ive just tested again, clients or AP's assigned in "Allowed IP addresses" that reside on CP enabled interface's can access the internet (as seen with my AP's that sync's with time servers), however if the IP for "Allowed IP addresses" sits on a different interface, it wont work as I said before because of the missing "to/from" feature.

  • You probably are missing static routes.

  • It's not because to/from is no longer there, it now adds both for anything you enter there.

  • I just switched back to a known working build which was the 1st apr build and everything works as normal, I can also browse to the contact page on the web server that sits on a different interface without autenticating.

    The web server sits on the network called dmz ( and cp enabled clients are on cp1 ( and cp2 (

    I dont know whats the problem with the recent builds in my setup.



  • it doesn't add the right rules anymore. and to/from needs to come back.

  • Hi, this seems to be resolved with the latest snapshot.

    Thank you


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