Upstream Squid Proxy via IPSEC

  • Hello everyone,

    I currently have 2 machines running pfSense 1.0 RELEASE with IPSEC enabled between the two networks.
    Network A:
    Network B:

    I have the squid package installed on the router of Network B. Now I would like to do transparent http proxying and pass the data to the http filtering daemon on Network A ( I added a static route to Network A on the router of Network B (route add

    on the router of Network B I also setup a transparent squid proxy server with the upstream server set as (Network A) port 8080. With logging enabled I see the http requests passing through the router of Network B however I do not see them being forwarded to the daemon on port 8080.

    When I disabled transparent proxy filtering and set my browers proxy ip to port 8080 I am able to access the proxy just fine.
    Any thoughts on where squid is going wrong?

  • I was able to work around this by creating a port forward nat rule on the lan interface with the ip as ANY with the external port as http and internal ip/port as
    then i disabled the local squid proxy.

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