Kingston SSD

  • Apologies if it has been asked before, I did search.

    I've got a spare Kingston SSD (1st gen so no trim support), would this be suitable for pfsense? It's only a home installation and would be nice to use the SSD to save on power/heat.

    Would there be any problems with writing to it over time, or does pfsense use the SSD to boot and runs from RAM after?


  • I've had two Kingston SSD's go bad with filesystem errors on them in my PFSense home setup.  I'm switching to cheap sata laptop drives instead.  Amazon had 160GB 5400 WD 2.5" drives for $30 apiece.

  • My pfsense is running on a kingston 40gb 1st gen with no issues.  the 40's are actually intel drives so reliability is not a problem unlike the jmb based ones.  You can even get trim support on the 40gb ones with a hacked intel firmware.

  • Cheers for the feedback, mine's actually the 64gb one. I'll give it a go (while keeping the orginal SATA HDD).

  • I've "cheated" and followed this thread for installation on my Hp thin client w/8GB DOM and my Mini-ITX system w/64GB Kingston SSD.

    "Unsupported" as they say, but both work perfectly …


  • I did not have to do anything special.  SDD is just a different hard drive.  SO regular install and nothing different.

  • True, the funky method was not as necessary on the SSD as it was the DOM, but I like the idea of it staying off the SSD and keeping everything in memory :)

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