Whre is the squid proxy pakage??? pls hel me!

  • Hello is no more squid pake avilable in pfsense??? is there anther Proxy avilable? or can i install it ??

    thank u for help

  • The packages forum would be the right place to ask this.

    Before you do however do use the search, and when you post provide details of the version of pfSense you're using (including whether full, embedded or nano) and exactly what the problem is and whether you can see other packages.

  • ok thank u very much. i will search the pakage forum an post there!¨

    thank u for help

  • **im using

    System information
    Name pfsense.local
    Version 1.2.3-RELEASE
    built on Mon Dec 7 20:21:30 EST 2009 
    Platform nanobsd

    on a Alix 2d3 board**

    Avilable Pakages 
    Backup  System  Stable
    Cron  Services  Beta
    Dashboard  System  BETA
    Dashboard Widget: HAVP  System  BETA
    Dashboard Widget: Snort  System  BETA
    DenyHosts  Services  Beta
    Fit123  System  Stable
    IGMPproxy  Network  BETA
    IP Range Aliases  System  BETA
    LCDproc  Utility  BETA
    NRPE v2  Services  Beta
    Notes  Status  Stable
    Open-VM-Tools  Services  Stable
    platform: 1.2.1  Package Info  VMware Tools   
    OpenOSPFD  Routing  BETA
    OpenVPN Status  System  Beta
    OpenVPN-Enhancements  Security  STABLE
    PHPService  Services  Beta
    Pubkey  System  RELEASE
    Shellcmd  Services  Beta
    States Summary  System  Beta
    TFTP  Services  Stable
    URL Table Aliases  System  BETA
    Zabbix Agent  Services  FINAL
    anyterm  Diagnostics  BETA
    arping  Services  Beta
    blinkled  System  So Alpha it's Omega
    diag_new_states  Network Management  BETA
    dns-server  Services  Beta
    haproxy  Services  BETA
    haproxy-dev  Services  BETA
    haproxy-stable  Services  BETA 
    iperf  Network Management  Beta 
    nmap  Security  Stable
    nut  Network Management  BETA
    onatproto  System  BETA
    pfflowd  Network Management  Stable
    rate  Network Management  BETA
    snort-old  Security  legacy
    platformstunnel  Network Management  Stable
    vHosts  Services  Stable
    vnstat  Network Management  Stable
    widentd  Services

  • Hmm weird.. You serious? Did you try to reboot your pfsense and check again the packages? If you cant see it again, try add the packages extract it in the right folder. If still no luck, re-install the pfsense or Factory resit. Hope this helps. Good luck


  • Hello jigp

    I have now installed the nanoBSD again on a 4GB CF Card but the Squid Proxy is stillnow not avilable?? have realy no body a idea wahts happen with this Squid pakage on nanobsd 1.2.3 Image??

    Pls need help :(

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Squid has been disabled on NanoBSD embedded due to problems that some were having.

    Mostly it was due to misconfiguration, so until the package can be updated with some code to stop people from killing their own systems, it will stay disabled.

  • ah ok thank u for this helpfull information. So is  a pakage avilable that works similar to squid proxy and squid guard with content filtering?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Not at this time, it's just squid+squidGuard for that.

  • Ah okey so its posibale to modify the dns blacklist in the dns Blacklist Pakage?

    An thank u very much for ur help im sory because that my english is very bad im living in switzerland and speeking german. In i have buyed the definitive Guide Book of Pfsense is realy nice!!  :)

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    FYI- I re-enabled squid and squidguard on NanoBSD today. I added squid's "null" cache type which disables caching. Those using squid on nanobsd should use this type, and disable ALL logging.

  • Very nice work thank you very mutch!! :)

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