Limiter doesnt work for wireless birdged to lan

  • limiter is still broken for wireless bridged to lan coz if client connects using lan then the rules under lan with the limiter applied works fine but if the same client connects using wireless which is bridged to lan and same rules also under wireless with the limiter, then they dont seem to work.

    above is using 1st may nanobsd snaps

  • as a matter of fact, its true, all traffic is blocked for wireless bridged to lan

  • can you give me more details on systems.
    Are you filtering on the bridge or on the members?

    What are your filter rules etc….

  • plz mention what sort of info is required

  • i changed the above 2 values and now systemlog says this

  • sorry for so many posts, but my net seems to have issues after such changes

  • could u plz elobrate the difference between

    the incoming and outgoing member interfaces.
    the bridge interface

  • If you filter on members ie pfil_member sysctl is 1 then you have to have the same rule for shaping in wireless interface as the same rule in lan otherwise all traffic will be blocked on that interface.
    So just duplicate the same rule you are using on LAN to the wireless interface for shaping/limiter to work correctly.

  • but if u look at my initial setup which was filtering on member interfaces and it wasnt working, the rules r the same under lan and opt1

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