How to flush blocked ip in the Pfsense?

  • I have a number of IP address got blocked. But it is not on the Snort Packages

    Could some one tell me how to flush thoses blocked ip in the Pfsense box.



  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It depends on where they were blocked. There are two tables in pfSense that can get IPs in them from different triggers, but it's pretty rare, and they are periodically purged.

    If you want to check, run the following from Diagnostics > Command.

    pfctl -T show -t sshlockout
    pfctl -T show -t virusprot

    If they are empty, that is not your problem.

    If you see an entry, you can delete it with -T delete <ip>or just flush it completely:

    pfctl -T flush -t sshlockout

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