DUAL WAN load balancing setup problem

  • Please help.
    I want to loadbalance my two adsl account, but the following error occurs whenever i create a new pool in the load balancer.
    Error: "121.97.x.x is currently being referenced by an interface ip address opt1".
    Note: 121.97.x.x is the static ip address of opt1 (adsl account)
    I'm using 1.0 release version of pfsense.
    Thanks in advance.

  • your montior ip should be a gateway over your dsl connection
    do a trace route use the second or third hop down usually the one after your dsl modem and the gateway you dsl modem same thing for your second connection

  • Thanks for the replies, my load balancing is functional now.  ;D

    I have notice another problem though: when my WAN connection is down even though my OPT1 connection is up, i can't seem to access the internet but in the status page of load balancing OPT1 is online. I have tried it many times, pfsense can't seem to failover to UP connection.

  • You lose your dns servers at wan. configure one dns server from each wan and add a static route to the wan2-dns-server/32 through the wan2 interface. This way you won't lose dns when unplugging the main wan.

  • I'm sorry if this may sound too much request but how am i gonna do that (making a static route to DNS server via WAN2)?
    I'm still  a newbie, still trying to learn the whole PFsense setup.
    You're firewall rocks! More power!!!

  • Let's assume your DNS-Servers ar and for WAN and and for OPT-WAN.

    At system>general enter one DNS Server of WAN and one of OPT-WAN like and

    Then at system>static Routes add a route:
    Interface OPT-WAN
    Gateway OPT-WAN-Gateway (either look this up at status>interfaces or at interfaces>OPT-WAN if it's static).

    Save and apply.

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