Planning to purchase new hardware…

  • Hello, I plan to spend a little money on a new pfsense server but I want it to be running on a CF card… I don't have any computer that has a serial port that I can configure the pfsense once I embed the image in. The atom mobo I am looking at it as a serial port but none of my desktop has it.

    My question anyway around it? B/c I want to run CF flash method.
    Can I use USB CD rom drive to install it to the CF card or nope?

    Any other suggestions will be great.!

  • bump?

  • Bumping won't help you get answers faster, all it will achieve is to annoy people.

    Some of your questions have been answered in other threads (such as the case of the USB CDROM) - please search the forum.  Instead of CF look at devices designed as hard disk replacements, either SSD or Flash Disk modules (such as these from a supplier I've used before).

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