Not getting full bandwidth through PFSense with Traffic shaping

  • When I have traffic shaping enabled it seems to work well but I am not able to utilize the "power boost" feature that Time Warner offers. Basically what powerboost is is that they open up the pipe to like 30Mb down for the first few seconds of each transfer then bring it back down to 6Mb for the rest of the download. I have a feeling that when I specify my bandwidth in the shaper for my UP and DOWN speeds I am only entering the 6Mb down and thats causing a hard limit that the PF will allow. Any way to get this full bandwidth?


  • Don't do shaping?

    It's probably possible, but you'll need precise details of how "powerboost" functions and the support of somebody who understands the fine details of the traffic shaper.  It's possibly complicated enough to make a bounty relevant.

  • Is there some reason you can't just specify 30mb for the download speed?  Honestly, you have very little control over the download anyway, and most of the traffic will be TCP, which will limit itself anyway, if you do over-commit.  99% of the usage of traffic shaping for folks like us is prioritizing the outbound traffic.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You could specify 30Mbit as the size of the pipe, and fine tune the m1/m2/d parameters to account for the difference in the queues if you really wanted to get into it.

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