Multiple servers per-domain in DNS forwarder overrides

  • When I was reading through the release notes for 1.2.3 ( I was quite excited to see this section.

    Multiple servers per-domain in DNS forwarder overrides - previously the GUI limited you to one server per domain override in the DNS forwarder, you can now put in multiple entries for the same domain for redundancy.

    You see, we've got a couple of boxes in a DMZ that need to be able to resolve names in our internal .local domain. The per-domain override feature works just fine for this, but it can be a pain when the one DNS server that it's pointing at reboots. Being able to give it a list of possible DNS servers is perfect. The problem is, across four different 1.2.3 RELEASE boxes, I can't actually find this feature. I've checked boxes where the config was upgraded from 1.2.2 and ones that have been set up fresh. As far as I can see, I can still only enter one IP address per overridden domain.

    I've tried entering IP, IP, IP and IP IP IP, but they're both rejected as invalid IP addresses (which in fairness, they are).

    I've tried adding multiple overrides for the same domain name, each with a different IP, but only the first one appears to be read - the rest are ignored.

    Has anyone actually gotten this working? Does anyone actually see an option in the GUI to enter multiple IP addresses here?

    As a short term work-around, is it possible to directly edit a config file to achieve the same thing, even tho there's no GUI option for it?

    Thanks in advance,


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