Questions about pfSense

  • I want Share internet with my little server but i need to know if this features are supported by pfSense:

    • PPoE is supported?.

    • Squid proxy and Dansguardian.

    • Share internet to router WIFI (will be configured as AP)

  • Please read the features list and search the forum before posting ;)

    1. Yes
    2. Yes to Squid, no to Dansguardian (search the forum rather than asking why)
    3. Please explain that more clearly - are you wanting to allow those on some AP behind pfSense also access the Internet?

  • Exactly, i want use an machine to manage the internet connection, then connect an Wireless router but use it to give WIFI only via the machine with pfSense.

  • Connect the access point to a third interface (OPT1) on your pfSense host and configure the firewall rules, or the captive portal, to suit your needs.

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