Question re NICs

  • I've got a fairly random selection of NICs in my PF sense box, and I keep getting these messages on two of the three cards:

    watchdog timout and (less frequently)
    transmission error: 90

    I'm assuming, that these messages aren't indicative of a perfectly working system, do I need to worry about them?

    The intel NIC never gets these so I assume it's indicative of the quality (or lack of it) of the other cards, am I correct?

    Does it matter which intel PRO NICs I get if I need to replace the other 2, or is the 3com 3C905C-TX a better choice?

  • There are some nic drivers that output debugmessages like that. If you don't encounter problems with that under high load you can ignore them. Otherwise replace the nics that are causing the issues.

  • With the non intel NICs I've got this too :

    In/out packets  182400709/228741936 (2.07 GB/618.27 MB)
    In/out errors           308/77


    In/out packets            145542705/101291541 (1.37 GB/392.96 MB)
    In/out errors             14/133

    should I change them?

    If so, 3com or the intel?

  • In general intel are the best but 3com should be fine too. However if you compare the in/out errors to the in/out packets I think you could live with that. Are these links full-duplex? Maybe some bad wires?

  • Thanks :)

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