No traffic on 3rd network interface

  • Hi,

    I have set up pfsense-2.0 BETA1 and have a little problem.
    I have two onboard nics and one on pci slot.

    The first onboard is my external interface, the second one is my local (wired) network.
    The third is here for my seperated wireless network.
    On this one there is also a dhcp server.

    Internet is fully working from within the lan ( network), but on wlan ( network) I cant get any response beside from the pfsense interface itself.
    The nic is working as I get my ip address, dns server info and so on from the dhcp server and I can ping it from my wlan clients.
    I have only one rule setup, which is to allow the traffic from this interface to everywhere, just to make sure traffic is not blocked by any rule.

    Is there anything else I have forgot to setup?
    Could it be an NAT problem or is a rule missing to allow traffic back to the 3rd interface? (Pretty sure I didn't had one with 1.2.x)
    I just did upgrade from 1.2.x (not sure which exactly) and had to redo the config by hand as my config.xml seems to be broken.

    Thanks in advance,

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I would check your outbound NAT rules. If you are on Manual Outbound NAT you will need to add a rule to match the traffic from the WLAN subnet going outbound.

  • I am on automatic outbound NAT.
    But is there a way to check if NAT is working on the WLAN interface?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You could do a packet capture on WAN as you try to access an Internet site from your WLAN segment. If you see private IPs in the capture, then NAT is not working.

    First I'd check firewall rules to be absolutely sure your traffic just isn't being blocked for whatever reason.

  • I finally found my problem. It was an error from me (Of course!).

    Obviously I activated the Captive portal on my WLAN interface without allowing to contact the DNS Server ip.
    When they could not get an ip for any site the Captive portal would not show and there was my dead end.

    When I finally tried to get a site to show by its ip the portal came up and I knew what I did wrong.

    Long story short: Its working now, thanks for your help.

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