DHCP for VPN only?

  • I am looking for an appliance to work as a firewall and VPN as a secondary entry with its own "real" IP on the outside and in a different IP range for an existing network on the inside.  The network will eventually be migrated to be on its own, but will not when I set it up.

    The existing network internally is and the network I will be setting up is  It will use the same physical network as the 192 network for now.

    There is an existing DHCP server that gives out licenses in the 192 network.  I want to be able to give out 172.17.0.x addresses for people who come in via VPN over the external IP for this appliance and not interfere with the existing machines on the internal network - they have to keep getting only 192 addresses.

    Will pfSense do this for me?  I have never used it before and was going to load up smoothwall express with zerina, but I was reminded of pfSense and thought perhaps it would be a better choice.

    Thanks in advance for your help,

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