Multi wan splitting, weighting ideas

  • Hello All,

    Our first install of pfSense 1.2.3 working very well for 'out of the box' first timer.
    Started out with only  load balancing setup for two ISP's.
    1)  Wireless from a school consortium ,eqivilant to T1 via a bridge –WAN
    2) ADSL from local telco,about 3mb down --OPT1
    After a couple days making sure everything was working OK,we,,,
    Added the failover setup using each ISP's dns server as the monitor point. Went through the failover setup posted here on pfSense  a couple times to try and make sure everything looks right.
    Before adding the failover the throughput on each wan link looked very balanced. Afterwards it appears only about 1/3 throughput is going out the OPT1 link. This is just by looking at the RRD graphs as well as the interface throughput in the web-gui.
    I have read there is a way to weight or 'split' the wan links to 'push' more out one or the other wan link.
    Does anyone here know a good way of testing this approach?
    Newbie here so be easy,,,:-).

    Thank You,

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Just add the faster link to the load balancer pool multiple times, roughly equivalent to the bandwidth ratio.

    If WAN is T1 (1.5) and OPT1 is 3, you probably just need a 1:2 ratio, so just put opt1 and its monitor IP into the pool twice.

    In pfSense 2.0 you can weight the gateways appropriately to get the same effect.

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