Limiter and filtering based question


    as far as what i have learnt, if u select the out queue then u got to select the in as well if u plan to use limiter, does this mean the in and out work as a pair?

    below is what i have done and i have no idea if its valid or not


    1. download = limiting downlaod to 80KBps
    2. upload = limiting upload to 12KBps
    3. upload2 = limiting upload to 5KBps


    1. alias1 = group of clients
    2. alias2 = group of clients on a different floor

    firewall rules

    1. rule1 for alias1 = using limiter in/out - upload/download
    2. rule2 for alias2 = using limiter in/out - upload2/download

    the download limiter is shared  between the above 2 rules so is this valid config or no?


    if we filter on the bridged interface and not on member interfaces, does this mean i just need to have a single set of rules under the LAN interface for shaping, blocking etc when OPT1 is bridged to LAN and not having to worry to filter and shape on both LAN as well as OPT1 witht he exact set of rules?

  • any1 to answer?

  • 1 - You cannot select only in a single limiter.
    2 - You can only limit on the bridge interface for both interfaces, only on one member no.

  • I would go ahead and do some speed testing from the 2 groups and see what happens.  Trial and Error baby!

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