1.2.3 Final - RealTek 8139D NIC not recognised

  • On a Celeron Machine running pfSense v1.2.3 Final - with onboard LAN (re0 - Works) and a RealTek 8139D PCI card on any of 2 PCI slots (does not work). A DLink 200 NIC was recognised as vr0.

    Attempting to add System => Packages -> + FreeSwitch-dev fails with an error on v_config.inc Line 79

    The System -> Packages should have a file size column as well.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    As for the network card, it's possible that chip just isn't supported on the underlying OS (FreeBSD 7.2)

    You might try the 2.0 beta.

    You can post about the freeswitch package in its own thread on the packages board here.

    As for the file size of packages, it's impossible to do since the packages may vary based on dependencies and builds, etc.

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