POE switch

  • I just got a POE switch.  I was wondering if anyone was using or providing POE device that supports PFSENSE?

  • The ALIX is PoE capable.
    Although not completly PoE compliant.
    The standard voltage of PoE is 48V.
    The ALIX board is designed to work with 7-20 V.

  • There's passive PoE and then there's 802.3af.

    Passive PoE is what is used by the Alix boards, Ubiquiti APs, etc.  It simply sends DC over 4/5 and has return on 7/8 and can range anywhere from 5-24V depending on the device (most are in the 15-20V range).  Using a Passive PoE adapter with a non-PoE device can cause a lot of damage.

    802.3af is what you're going to get out of a PoE switch.  It is commonly used for IP Phones, security cameras, name-brand wireless access points, etc.  It runs 48V DC and has a detection process where power is only provided to a device that needs it, meaning you can use a PoE switch with non-PoE devices.

    If you want to use a device that requires Passive PoE with an 802.3af PoE switch, you can use an adapter like this:


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