Bug in description in static mapping?

  • Hi and thanks for a terrific firewall!
    I'm looking forward for this new version.
    Twice I've ran in to a situation where nobody is able to log in to the web interface.
    The thing in common is that I just before entered a new static mapping.
    After a reboot the FW comes up just fine, and a reenter of the new static mapping seems to work.
    One thing I was doing different is that when the bug appeared I used åäö in the description field,
    and when it worked I did not enter anything in this field.

    The version I'm running now is:
    built on Sun Mar 21 01:30:35 EDT 2010
    FreeBSD 8.0-STABLE

    // Assar

  • Yeah there is a ticket open for that on redmine.pfsense.org, be sure to watch it for any updates.

  • Thanks!

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