CARP fail over with Dual Wan Load Balance

  • I have the following
    2 systems running 1.2.3-RELEASE both with 4 interfaces each
    2 ISP's, one with 5 IPs (fiber on WAN) and the other with 3 IPs (P2P Wireless on OPT1)
    1 Switch with VLAN's separating the two WAN connections.
    OPT2 connecting the two systems for PFSync

    So on a single system I can get the Load balancer to work with each WAN and testing the removal of either WAN works fine.

    When I setup the CARP/VIP, the CARP seems to work fine, however the VIP for the OPT1 WAN can not be pinged from the internet and the other two IP's on the OPT1 WAN can. The load balancing also does not work as it can still ping out to the DNS server on that OPT1 WAN.

    Is this setup too complicated for the two routers to deal with? I would like to have both types of redundancy so I can take a system offline without losing connections, as well as having the backup of a second ISP.

    I'm digging through the boards now to see if this is possible, so I apologize if this has been asked 20 times before.

    On a side note, will the CARP sync DHCP static mappings?

    Thanks for the great product.

    Just some notes that may be related, however I can't say for sure that this could be a related problem…
    CARP and MultiWAN
    UDP broadcast packets routing
    Carp + Multiwan + load balancer

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