"Rate" feature requests

    1. The display changes too much too quickly to be terribly useful. Is it possible to have a 5 second average instead, so that things shouldn't move as much?
    2. Our situation is often that we're trying to track down uploaders, not downloaders. Can the sort direction and thresholds be configurable?
    3. Can we do a reverse-dns on the IP addresses (specifically within the LAN) to more easily identify workstations that are abusing our bandwidth?

    Thank you for any insights.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I'm not sure if the original author of the rate package is still hanging around.

    As for the reverse DNS, that wouldn't be advisable for such a live view in the GUI.

    You could use a console app such as iftop or trafshow to get a better idea of the kind of info you're really after. You can install them from the shell, such as:

    # pkg_add -r iftop
    # rehash
    # iftop -i <lan interface=""></lan>

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