Outgoig routing over virtual IP problem (solved)

  • Hello,

    i have a problem with a route on my system.
    My setup:
    pfSense 1.2.3

    one WAN ADSL dynamic IP ,only for surfing ;-) from LAN

    one opt WAN static /29 Subnet, one ip for the ISP Router/Modem,
    one IP for pfSense Interface  and four IPs Virtual.

    one OPT as DMZ with the Mailserver in.

    The static Router get 212.xxx.xx.49

    Opt WAN (CoCo) 212.xxx.xx.50
    Virtual  51-54

    I create a NAT on CoCo for forwarding the Maiserver ports
    to the internal Mailserver. Running fine.
    Mailservers external address ist 212.xxx.xx.52 internal
    Incommig connections runs wonderfull.

    But if the mailserver want to send mail to an other mailserver
    it do not go over 212.xxx.xx.52.
    The traffic take the route over 212.xxx.xx.50
    If i try to create a rule for dest. port 25 i get only the gateway option
    for the interface IP.

    So my question.
    How can i route this traffic over 212.xxx.xx.52.


    All other things running wonderfull, great thanks to the pfSense Team
    pfSense running on Allnet FW8888

    Please give me a hint (hit)

    I kicked out all rules from NAT, Outbount NAT and Firewall are related to the Mailserver.
    Then i create all rules new and it runs.
    Dont ask why  i dont know.

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