[SOLVED] Dual WAN with SIP on OPT1

  • I am installing a 3 port Alix with pfSense 1.2.3 to replace a Linksys RV082. The network has Charter Cable via DHCP on WAN and CBeyond T1 with SIPconnect service on OPT1 with a static IP. An Asterisk system is on the network and is registering with CBeyond's SIPconnect service and all SIP and RTP traffic must go over only the CBeyond connection.

    I was following the instructions in the pfSense book, but I must have made some mistakes as nothing was working correctly for me.

    I set up a static route for the CBeyond DNS servers, but I actually got no DNS at all on CBeyond, only on the Charter connection. Today I decided to reload pfSense on the CompactFlash in case there was any issues with the initial install.

    I have an Advanced Outbound Route set up for all RTP (10,000 - 20000 UDP) and SIP (5060-5080) to always go out CBeyond.

    I also have a port forward rule for all RTP and SIP traffic to go the the Asterisk server.

    I have not worked on failover or load balancing  as I planned on working with that after I had these basics set up. The CBeyond connection has 5 public IPs available.

    If anyone has any thoughts I appreciate the feedback.

  • The issue turned out to be "Block private networks" must be disabled. As far as I can tell, this can only be done on the WAN port so I had to reconfigure how the firewall was being set up, but now it works.

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